World Cup 2014

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World Cup 2014
Ola! Bonjour! Hello! Ciao! привет! Hola! Zdravo!

World Cup madness is fast approaching…

And where do you want to be when the nation gathers its collective breath this June and early July? Zebrano Bars is the answer!

Join us in one of the capital’s top bars and restaurants, with our multiple screens, unique & playful decorations and inventive menus.

Fans and supporters of every nationality will be able to show their support with specially crafted menus for each country. But if you’re just along for the fun – one of Zebrano’s gourmet burgers + one pint will only cost you £8.00.

So be sure to book your spot at Zebrano’s!

Click here to check full timetable

Check the time schedule above and book your space! The best place in the capital to watch the beautiful game.

Contact us now to book your space!